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venerdì 20 maggio 2011

Strauss-Kahn and Berlusconi. Defamation? Truth?

Strauss-Kahn and Berlusconi

The case of the powerful insider "predator" buries in ridicule Arcore's parties

When there is a simple issue to write about, you won’t find it in the newspapers. In a certain sense, we are here for this reason. The Strauss-Kahn case has buried with shame the three year long aggression towards Berlusconi and the itchy defamation our friend has been a victim of, for distasteful if not squalid interest. And not just political ones. Berlusconi is a mild, suave and crazy character which I have had the honour to define as a “gentlemen juggler”, when the lousy judges of our provincial editorial world speculated on his supposed “sexual addiction” and on his dependence on sex. Nothing was left out from the accusations. A part of the international press based in Italy has covered itself with ridicule and shame and gave reason to the biggest conspiracy of eavesdroppers dressed up as neo-puritan agents that history has ever witnessed. But time is a dear friend, and the real puritans, the ones that are as merciless as a crime, have avenged the false neo-puritans that sell sins and scandalous inclinations as felonies.

With a simple comparison the elementary truths on vices and virtues of power surface in regards to machismo and manliness, virility, the orientalist harem of the Italian that fulfills the image of himself among butterflies, petty jewels and friends. Part of a pleasure-seeking gang, the elixir of love, the man who makes of himself a melodramatic persona, and on the French-man that hosts inside himself the predatory instinct of a refined class, veiled  and hidden in an open secret for years and years. That aggressive instinct towards “woman’s bodies” - isn’t it true Lerner? - that has been the object of public exposure and for a long time tied up with class related cover ups in Paris, elsewhere in Europe and in the world.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is both an equal and a friend of Berlusconi, that should be considered, until proven otherwise a man solely under investigation, that has declared himself non guilty and that is fighting to prove his case, is a mirror image of him. Strauss-Kahn is what is known as an intellectual. He is a socialist, has social-democratic sympathies and friendships in the banking and financial world. He has nothing of the outsider or of the self-made man. Berlusconi is an American in Milan. He is an outstanding success built upon political and industrious wit, characterized by the informality typical of our system and of our weak legal framework. Strauss-Kahn is the quintessential example of the old and decaying Europe, a man who has always been coddled and re-risen, scandal after scandal, thanks to his insider charm and his lobbying powers within the intricacy of politics and of “the law is equal for all”.

His talent is putative but looked upon with regard everywhere. It is built upon an infinite chain of higher class friendships within the milieu of money and power. All the dreadful ladies and sirs which have walked around with the nailed shoes of defamation tearing to pieces Berlusconi’s body and our Republic during these years of contempt towards the popular leader, who every well-to-do person is authorized to make fun of, are meat for a perfect diner placè style dinner with Dominique, for a beautiful accommodating interview with the banquier socialiste with a solid reputation of a charmeur.

The Strauss-Kahn case has instead demonstrated, with immense and dante-like contrappasso, that private sins, of a grave or less serious nature, are one thing and it is unworthy to transform them into crimes of an farcical inquisitory trial. Crimes are a different thing, the predatory dependency of the male ego is a distinct thing compared to a gentleman’s game or breasted fun. In the first case one takes, in the other one courts, One despises, the other emphasizes and covers with attentions, with gifts, of even futile and kitsch generosity towards his idolized friends during the course of one, two, three, one hundred evenings that are of no business to the law.

Is there not a consistent difference? I am asking you partisan petty creatures that have concentrated your efforts on the wrong person but at the same time are ready to forgive everything, finally punished from the beautiful Maureen Dowd, to your “philosophical hero”, to that important friend that the intellectuals and the powerful of France want to defend with their nails and teeth as a consequence of a common belonging and not because of the desire to safeguard the person’s rights. All of this is taking place right after having condemned without guarantees the Italian gentlemen juggler, who is not part of your entourage.

The comparison that kills and buries as a felony the Ruby case also relates to the specific subject of justice. We were the first ones to explain in Il Foglio that the perp walk, the parade in front of the cameras with the powerful person under investigation handcuffed is in order to demonstrate the divine force of popular justice, which is in our culture an intolerable abuse.  It has been since the times of the handcuffs of Enzo Tortora and of the obscene roundups  of mani pulite that some of us have been fighting against the spectacularization of justice. We are the only ones to have fought against the political use of guilt induced defamation. We are the only one to have put out a warning against the shameful cheats of the Ciancimino Jr. case and one thousand other examples of mismanaged justice on the prosecutor part which hold public rallies with their hands in their pockets.

We would like to find, among the well-to-do neo-puritans which have distinguished themselves for the doubts, the agony and the moral revolt against the exposure of an alleged predator from the New York police and it does not matter if French or Italian. We are looking for someone who has been able to react with indignation to the wiretappings that exposed Berlusconi and his friend’s privacy more than the perp walk. Someone that would speak up against the tailings, the spying and the winks to the media which have been endured with the sole intention of destroying a person and his life. Moreover, taking advantage of the spectacular and choleric setting of a divorce. The ones that torn to pieces with the spirit of a beast a naive man, the Berlusconi who personally calls the officials of the Milan police headquarters, with a cordial and not grafting tone, to beg them of dismissing and entrusting to a friend of his a young women that ran up into a stupid fight, are the same ones that know what to think, and suffer because of an arrest followed by a detailed denunciation of tempted rape against a man of real power that the American justice treats nonetheless like a common citizen, with an iconic hardship and the formalist respect in a just process just started (and let’s hope it will reach a fair conclusion for the sake of justice).

Nobody has ever found anything
 incriminating on Berlusconi, there is no clue that pops out from his private life constantly shoved in front of the country’s face with manic persecution and a typically inquisitive mannerism. In Berlusconi’s case there is not even the slightest suspicion of coercion or of prevarication. There is only the fearless and rash search for pleasant evenings with friends of both sexes from a man publicly despised and warned against by editorial and prosecutor lobbies. Nonetheless Berlusconi has had to defend himself from trials and the pillory punishments of opponents evidently effected from psycho-sexual troubles, for the last three years. In regards to Strauss- Kahn there was much to say long before the morning of alleged folly and raptus in the Times Sqaure Sofitel. Instead the conspiracy of silence of power and friends, of privileges and membership won. For this reason, now that a light has been shed on the events, now that Berlusconi has payed in political terms the beastly aggression of which he was a victim, right now we cannot but tell ourselves, as true moralist and as serious people, to be not only happy but indeed very very pro Berlusconi. Now my dear front page intolerants you are just wearing your underwear. We Have been revenged from the real puritano, the ones of Mayflower.
Giuliano Ferrara

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